Friday, October 31, 2014

Halloween 2014

We don't celebrate halloween at school but a parent volunteer came to school with all the supplies to make these:

Since we are just finished our science study about living things (specifically bats) it did seem to fit in with our unit. The plates, mind you, were a bit of a stretch :)

My girls, however, did however, celebrate halloween at school. They LOVE dressing up and can't miss an opportunity to sport a costume (like last week when they entered a volleyball tournament only because you had to wear a group costume)

I asked Kiandra to send me this picture of my girls and two of their closest friends. Mickey and Minnie looked amazing and Buzz and Woody looked awesome in their "Andy's Coming" pose: 

After school, the girls decided to have some friends over and Kaden decided to go to youth. Conrad and I headed off for our Friday date night:

Conrad followed me home in his van but did fill me up for tomorrow's busy day. Man I love this guy:

When we got home, I had planned to curl up and watch PVR'd Grey's Anatomy but when the girls and their friends invited me and Conrad and I to play games with them we decided to join them. Later it was kind of nice that Kiandra was able to pick up Kaden and drive her friends home. 

Thursday, October 30, 2014

13 Places I drove (and almost) drove today

1. To school

2. To 7-11 where Kaden cashed in a "free slurpee" coupon after his volleyball practice.

3. From 7-11 to a thrift store after to try and find some items Kezia wanted for her costume tomorrow (scored a great deal because everything in the store was $1 AND I found what she was looking for!)

4. Home from the Thrift Store. I barely got home before getting a text that Kezia was finishing her driver's ed class early.

5. Drove from home to the high school to pick Kezia up. When I got there, I waited, snapped this pic, and then got a text that she might have to go right until 8:00 anyway.

6. Having over an hour to kill now before she was actually finished, I drove to a second thrift store to find the last item on Kezia's wish list.

7. After finding exactly what she was looking for, I drove back to the high school to wait until she was done.

8. Then when she was finally done, I drove us home.

9. We arrived right at the time to get Kaden to hockey practice but Conrad (who had just arrived home from a trip to the dump) was home in time to drive him to his practice. I could finally have some supper!

10. Since Conrad had floor hockey, I was responsible for getting Kaden home from his practice. I left early enough to stop and buy some groceries at the grocery store.

11. I drove from the grocery store to the arena.

12. I drove from the arena home.

13. I almost drove to pick Conrad up from floor hockey because he usually walks but I wasn't entirely sure what time he would be finished and by this point I was ready to curl up in bed! :)

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

We Day 2014

Kaden, and most of his middle school friends, had the chance to attend We Day again this year. It is an opportunity for kids to learn more about the difference they can make in this world even at the age that they are. Kaden kind of lucked out because at first they didn't have enough tickets for everyone to go and if you wanted to go you had to write an essay (Kaden opted to just miss out ;) but then they got another batch of tickets and Kaden still had the chance to participate. 

I snagged these photos from my friend who went to We Day:

Each student received a cool swag bag:

with many interesting things inside:

I'm glad Kaden got this opportunity again this year.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

All for Nothing

Kezia has played with the basically the same group of girls for years. I would imagine that other rec soccer leagues experience the same thing and the teams stay more or less the same from season to season. What's interesting to me is how the skill level that Kezia plays at seems to be so equal to all the teams in this league. Rarely is there a high scoring game and often a single goal separates the score. 

Tonight was Kezia's first indoor game of the season (her team played on Saturday but she was away and the score was a 1-0 win) and it was a tough one!

They ran:

They manoeuvred around players:

They beat the other team to the ball:

They did throw-ins:

and corner kicks. They had shots. They played hard.
When it was all said and done and the buzzer rang...
it was a 0-0 score.

I expect that there will be many games like that this year.

Monday, October 27, 2014


Hello Monday
Hello dark morning
Hello new week
Hello fun and busy day at school

Hello after school volleyball game for Kaden
Hello 6 players and no subs
Hello air time

Hello fan club in the stands
Hello hot chocolate for 2

Hello paparazzi 

Hello first game win 25-23
Hello happy team
Hello encouragement for game 2

Hello hokey pokey?

Hello game 2 win (and bonus game 3 win!)
Hello "good game" hand shakes

Hello unpleasant surprise in the mail
Hello clocked time of 79 in an 80 zone
Hello new construction zone speed of 60
Hello first ever speeding ticket
Hello painful:

Hello Full House on Netflix
Hello cuddle time with my girls 
Hello Monday

Sunday, October 26, 2014


My friend Melanie and I have been friends for decades...I met her when she was dating Conrad's brother way back 22 years ago! *ack* has it been that long?! We were the maid of honour in each other's weddings in 1996 and it appears that even all these years we still have so much in common.

Today, 4 couples decided to go to "Tim's class" for Sunday School and I had already ordered when Melanie placed her order. I don't always get a bagel but today I decided to get a pretzel bagel with the mustard sauce and when Melanie came to the table she had the exact same thing!

Our families decided to go for lunch and then we ordered the same thing for lunch...BBQ chicken flat bread with a side of pickles and honey mustard sauce. After all these years we are still "twinsies"!

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Thrift Store Adventures

Today my friend Janice and I went on a shopping spree. We spent the day catching up (we no longer work together and so we don't talk every day now) and hunting out bargains at 5 thrift stores.

At stop #1was MCC and after our searching and perusing I bought two items for a total of $2

Next stop was our city's newest Value Village:

where we hit the jackpot! Janice was looking for a certain game that has been hard to find and she found one!... with all the pieces...for $2.99! Score!

We talked about getting another fondue set because our kids are eating more and this way we'd be able to get more forks going at the same time. I found a brand new fondue set for $5.99! It was a good stop!

Stop three was the Salvation Army. I found a scarf for my collection that was 25% off and came to a total of $2.99

Then it was a stop at a new second hand store called Plato's Closet. My girls are going to LOVE this store! I can't wait to take them. All brand name trendy clothing in like new condition for a reasonable price. They even had a $1 clearance rack. I bought another scarf (I might have a scarf problem!)

Janice and I lunched at Costco, browsed at Costco, and then made a stop at Princess Auto where I got a smoking deal on noise cancelling headphones for my classroom (reg $12 and on sale for $5). 

Then we made one final stop at another Value Village where Janice totally lucked out because she found the exact brand of something that she was considering spending over $50 on and she found it for $7.99. 
It was an awesome end to a super fun day.

Not a bad haul for 5 hours of talking and shopping and eating:

Friday, October 24, 2014

All in a day

Started the day with an early morning drop off at the church because my girls are off on a youth weekend at a bible college 9 hours away...

Then I sat through an all day school math inservice...

Then Conrad and I were able to go out for an actual date night while Kaden was at youth. It was delicious...and more a bit more relaxing than the date nights we've enjoyed for the past few months! ;)

Thursday, October 23, 2014

My wish list this Christmas

with a fun pen set that I can decorate the pages with

This ampersand as a decoration for our rec room shelves (hint Hobby Lobby always has a coupon)

This set of vacuum sealers to keep bagged items fresh

This cool lanyard holder since we are now required to wear school ID

 I'd love this owl duck tape for school

These Kal Barteski mini prints are awesome

I'd like a set of tongs with silicone to use in my big frying pan

Apparently I go through can openers because the one I got last year (or the year before) doesn't work without a LOT of encouragement. This one has excellent ratings.

I like almost everything Lisa Leonard makes but these joy earrings are at the top of my list

My current starbucks cup is starting to get a bit worn. A new one like this would be awesome

and in my stocking, I'd love to see some

lime pic-a-pop (it's back!)

Well...that should give my family a few ideas!
What's on your list this year?

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