Thursday, February 15, 2018

Week of Win continues

My sister-in-law hosted a make up event this evening and Kezia and I attended the evening. We got to sample the Savvy Minerals make up line by Young Living

We also got to make three DIY products...
Lip Scrub:

Make up Remover Pads:

and dry shampoo:

and there was a draw for a door prize and my name was picked! 
I won a grapefruit essential oil!

It's been a winning week!

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Valentine's Day

A "maze" ing Valentines for my Grade 1 friends:

Packing all the crazy-ness into one day by also making it Storybook Dress up day:

Eating apart because tonight is a Kid's Club Mother/Daughter party for the girls and a model car race for the boys. I laughed when Conrad sent me this while I was waiting to pick Kezia up from class:

Having the house to myself allowed me to join Kezia in her Lent challenge of quiet time and keeping a prayer journal for 30 minutes each day. Kezia and Conrad are doing theirs in the morning but I'm going to do it in the evening:

and though we usually just do small things for Valentine's Day, Conrad surprised me with this:

(I actually found it in the trunk yesterday ;)

and I was feeling pretty bad that I had only made him a few Paleo almond butter cups that when he hinted that he would like to replace his broken fitbit with a watch, I told him to go for it so he found this one on sale:

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Pancake Tuesday

This evening, Kezia made supper:

Pancakes for Shrove Tuesday. 
Pancakes are a bit of a challenge if you can't have eggs, dairy, nuts, or flour. Kezia made this recipe and it actually turned out super delicious! It always feels like a small victory when you can still do things without feeling like you are missing out. 

Monday, February 12, 2018

Hello Monday

Hello Monday!
Hello bright sky on the way to school
Hello awesome morning company on the drive
Hello dropping Kezia off at University

Hello "I love to Read" month in full swing
Hello silly sock and hat day
Hello new dress bought with my gift card
Hello perfect match to my silly socks:

Hello picking Kezia up in the daylight:

Hello usual Costco stop on Monday evening:

Hello menu planned for the week:

Hello preplanning means supper ready to go
Hello supper from the crockpot 
Hello easy frozen and grilled sweet potatoes warmed up in the frying pan
Hello getting the hang of this AIP cooking thing

Hello marriage mentoring evening:

Hello Monday

Sunday, February 11, 2018

In the presence of my enemies

Today we welcomed Gracia Burnham to speak at our church. Gracia and her husband Martin were captured and spent over a year as hostages. During a dramatic gun battle, she was rescued and her husband was killed. Gracia wrote a book about her experience and shared with her story with us. She also wrote a followup book and we bought the

We had lunch at home. This might be one of my new favourites in this new way of eating. Prosciutto, mushroom, and rosemary stromboli with salad. I'm getting good at making this and because I made it yesterday, we were able to eat as soon as we warmed them up.

We went back to her Gracia speak again in the evening. What an inspirational life story that she has.

She also wrote a followup book and we bought both of her books and she even signed them for us:

Whatever our situation, God is in control. 

One of the stories that she told that really stood out to me was this one:

Gracia had been praying for release and God did not seem to be answering her plea. Gracia decided to try and "backdoor" God by praying for a hamburger. Believing that is she were enjoying a hamburger then she would also be enjoying her freedom. It was not long after that their captors received some ransom money and they decided to bring their American hostages some Jollibee....hambugers, fries, and a coke. The Lord does provide. Gracia said that as they were eating their hamburgers in the middle of the jungle she realized that God was in control and that He would do everything in His time.

Saturday, February 10, 2018


Yesterday my friend Jill and I won $100 gift cards to a clothing sale.

Today Kaden's hockey team FINALLY secured a big 5-2 win:

and during a game of Settlers, I won my first ever game win playing against Conrad and Kezia (the master).

Friday, February 9, 2018


My friend Jill has been raving about a local clothing company that she loves. Each time I comment on a piece that I like, she says it's from EMK. I've had my eye on this dress of hers all year and last week I bought it. The store was having a warehouse sale and a contest for a $100 gift card. I actually messaged them and told them how Jill had not only inspired me but 3 other staff members to purchase that dress. I told them that she totally deserved the gift card. Today, Jill came into my classroom to show me this:

She had won! I was so happy for her!! What a surprise later in the afternoon to find out that I had won too!

We both were winners! Jill on instagram and me on Facebook! 

 We all love our Anya dresses:

After school, Marlene (blue dress), Jill, and I headed down to the sale and scored some amazing deals:

I got 3 dresses and 4 scarves with my gift card and then Kezia got a dress too:

Then we were off to her futsal game after that:

Another win for Kezia's team 6-2
and across the city, Kaden's team pulled off a win too 2-1 and Kaden scored a goal.

It was a lucky kind of day...

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